Organizational Structure

ACT has a democratic, transparent and participatory governance structure, which best assures an independent organization that is efficiently and effectively managed on scientific lines. The Memorandum of Association recommends a three-tier governance structure, comprising a 25 member General Body, a Board of Governors comprising of 8 members and senior management team headed by the CEO. Significant features of the governance structure are its system of checks and balances and the leading role given to Partners’ Networks and Staff of the organization.

General Body

It is a 25-member body which reviews the performance of the ACT, elects the members of the board of directors, approves the annual reports and appoints the auditors.

Board Of Directors

The organization manage its strategic affairs by the appointing the board of directors. The BOD our see the management of the organization by insuring the execution of policies and procedures, strategic direction, transparency and accountability. It also further supported by constitution of committees for different level which includes; program development committee, internal audit committee and general body membership review committee. The current code of governance profile is given below.

Mr. Saeed ul Hassan


Mubashar Nabi

Founder President

Dr. Shehzad Ali Khan


Ms. Farzana Yaqoob


Dr. Farkhanda Aurngzeb


Ms. Fauzia Tariq


Raja Muhammad Younas


Younas Badhani